Dr. John P. Rudolph

Dr. John P. Rudolph

An interview from November 6, 2014 by Maureen McLoone, president of Merchantville's Historical Society. Dr. Rudolph, formerly of Merchantville, NJ resided in Medford Leas, NJ at the time of this interview. As a doctor, his professional acumen, dedication, compassion and attitude has engendered confidence from his patients throughout his many years as a physician. As a friend, his firm hand shake, warm greeting, broad smile, and cheerful conversation; connote a genuine friendship to old as well as new acquaintances. As a highly respected citizen, his cooperation with and attention to civic, social, and benevolent matters have neither been slighted nor have they been neglected even though his profession demanded so much of his time. Service to his country, during World War II, in the European Theatre, further attests to this. At the MHS Annual Meeting, they highlighted his life in Merchantville from 1922 through 1977.

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