Residents preview proposed redevelopment

Last evening, Mayor Ted Brennan introduced the borough's vision for the blighted triangular plot behind the old bank building, between Park and East Chestnut, and a mixed use concept proposal by Viking Group and architect/planners from Barton Partners that would help the borough activate the hub of its commercial district. The well-received presentation was attend by about 80-90 residents and business owners. If Borough Council and Viking come to agreement on a plan, they would be designated as the redeveloper, then the proposal would be subject to review by state and local boards. Meetings on the progress of this proposed project will be publicized and are open to the public.

Are more shops, housing in store for downtown Merchantville?

A developer on Monday will unveil a plan for new stores and housing downtown with a goal of bringing more people to live and shop there.Mayor Edward "Ted" Brennan said Viking is proposing a pair of three-story apartment buildings, more retail and more pedestrian paths on a 2-acre triangular piece of land between Centre Street, East Park Avenue and Chestnut Avenue. Viking Group's preliminary proposal, costing up to $19 million, would redevelop what is now mostly a vacant parking lot bordered by a closed bank, other businesses, a coffee shop, and a trail for walking and biking. It will present the plan at the Borough Council meeting Monday night.

Merchantville to Consider BID

For all the borough has to offer, Brennan said Merchantville could stand to do a better job touting its virtues. Originally founded as a Philadelphia summer vacation community, the little shade tree borough has a lot of historic character and a nascent local business community that has gotten a boost in recent years. The Station Café, with its unique mix of coffee shop and arts center, also hosts the borough farmers market, and has become “a nice little cornerstone business,” Brennan said. Farther up the street, Eclipse Brewing, which took up shop in a former EMS building, offers craft beer at the edge of the central business district.


Zombie properties

St. Joseph’s Carpenter Society, the nonprofit which specializes in rehabbing vacant properties and promoting homeownership, is “taking what we learned in Camden” and applying it to the suburban New Jersey towns of Pennsauken, Merchantville and Gloucester City, as well as Collingswood. Now, St. Joseph’s is preparing to rehab three properties in Collingswood with the help of the borough: a privately-owned twin at 19 Lees Ave.; a bank-owned bungalow at 254 Harvard Ave.; and a bank-owned large home at 634 Atlantic Ave.


Merchantville Station Cafe: Arts Hub as Redevelopment Linchpin

To Merchantville Mayor Ted Brennan, the Station cafe is the keystone to redevelopment in the heart of his borough’s business district. “For a long period of time, it’s just been corporate offices,” which provide ratables, but which don’t offer a unique cultural aspect, Brennan said. Adding a fine and performing arts space at the center of the borough downtown, however; that’s something he can work with. Read more at NJ Pen.

Borough prevails in redevelopment appeal

The New Jersey Appellate Division on Friday declined to revive a redeveloper's lawsuits over Merchantville, New Jersey's refusal to adopt an amendment to a redevelopment plan covering portions of the borough's downtown. The appellate court issued two separate unpublished opinions respectively rejecting Fieldstone Associates LP's suit

Redevelopment initiative gets started

The Ragan Design Group is helping the Borough of Merchantville develop an Amended Redevelopment Plan for the triangular area defined by Centre, Park, and Chestnut. A redevelopment committee, comprised of residents and business owners, meet on a monthly basis. This page is intended to share information about the process

What's in a name?

The Merchantville Redevelopment Committee is looking for a new name for the redevelopment area. Do you have any suggestions? The Ragan Design Group is helping the Borough of Merchantville develop an Amended Redevelopment Plan for the triangular area defined by Centre, Park, and Chestnut. A redevelopment committee,

Court sides with Merchantville in eminent domain dispute


CouncilThe state Supreme Court ruled Thursday that Merchantville officials acted properly in acquiring a rundown apartment building through eminent domain. In a 5-0 decision, the High Court said state law required the borough to negotiate only with the owner of record of the former Wellwood Manor

Merchantville Bike Trail A Ribbon Of Tranquility

There is a ribbon of peace and tranquility that slices through Pennsauken Township. The Merchantville Bike Trail starts at Cove Rd. and East Chestnut Ave. and runs across Centre St. and Browning Rd. to Euclid Ave. Created on the defunct lines of the Pennsylvania Railroad, you can see bikers, joggers, strollers, and dog walkers enjoying the mile and a half path on a daily basis.

New Borough grant announced

The West Maple Neighborhood Task Force received a federal grant for landscape improvements and street furniture  including trash cans, planters, benches, bike racks, etc. Please contact Denise Brouse, Borough Clerk at (856) 662-2474 X 103 if you are interested in FREE street trees, planters, a bench, grass strip, etc. in front of your site. Only property owners along Maple Avenue, between Wellwood Park and Route 130 in Merchantville and Pennsauken are eligible.

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