Joan Brennan

Joan Brennan

Only one more day until the start of a new Merchantville Market Off Centre season. Who’s excited? Here are our farms: Katt Paradise Farm, our longest tenured farm and vendor is returning for another season. We are so happy to have them back for our opening day on June 1st; Rosa Brothers Produce will have Old North Sea strawberries available in limited quantities - rare small berries found by the seed company in an ancient Viking village; and ,Sparrow Lake Farm will be there with farm fresh chicken and duck eggs. Here are some other vendors you'll see: Mikey’s Sharpening, Taddy CreationsThe Flower Peddler, Graceful Knit KnotsMemom's Upcycled CraftsInspire Light Candle Co, Bijou Blessings, Bear Soaps, Clark Family Breast Cancer Services, Aradia's Treasure Metaphysical Shop, Watkins Wreaths, Tara’s Cozy KitchenGrace Church Merchantville New Jersey and Danette’s Kids Zone. See you tomorrow at 10!

Don’t just throw away those plastic pots your plants came in. Here are our favorite ways to reuse and recycle plant pots. Plant halo: Take an old plastic pot and cut off the bottom. Push it partway into the soil, and then plant your tomato inside. When you water the plant, the pot will retain the moisture and let it gradually soak into the soil at the roots. Planting guide: When repotting a plant into a larger container, place an empty plastic plant pot the same size as the smaller, original one into the middle of the container, and then continue to fill around it. DIY bug hotel: Stuff a pot with short lengths of bamboo cane, hollow stems, twigs, or corrugated cardboard, and then site the DIY bug hotel on its side in a safe, sheltered spot. Read more here.



The Merchantville Observer is an independent newspaper serving the residents of Merchantville. It is published monthly, distributed to households in the Borough and available in stores of advertisers. It is operated by General Manager: Edward H. Bohn III; Editors: Jeff Bonfield and Gail Meister; Distribution Managers: Jim and Jane Moore; and, Advertising Manager: Wally Hussong. Monthly .pdf versions are available on their FB page. Persons interested in helping with this publication and businesses interested in advertising in it may contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or PO Box 1516, Merchantville, NJ 08109.

Mayor Ted Brennan spoke this morning about the importance of remembering those who went before us - giving the ultimate sacrifice - for whom today is more than the unofficial first day of summer. Rather, it's a day of reflection on the many lives lived and sacrificed so that we in Merchantville, New Jersey and the USA can continue to lead and enjoy the lives we have today.

Hollie, a blogger, runner and prolific diner reviewer - 244 to date - had breakfast in the ville today. "While my parents were in town, we decided to hit up my final diner in Camden County. Considering diners come and go, it’s my last diner in Camden County for now. The Merchantville Diner is a cute diner located in the downtown. Like many downtown restaurants, it’s a storefront and attached to other buildings. Atmosphere: A The Merchantville Diner has a small, downtown feel. It’s not a large, metallic, shiny diner but it’s a little cute, spacious diner." Read her review.



The Merchantville Stamp Club will host a monthly Stamp Bourse beginning Saturday, 6/1, in the school gym at Martin Luther Chapel, 4100 Terrace Avenue, Pennsauken, NJ. Bourse Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Bourse Dates: June 1st, July 6th and  August 3rd. Dealers who are currently committed to the MSC Saturday Bourse include: Jim Chada/Cary Cochran, Woody Fairess/Bill Fisch, Manny Goldstein/Bob Heaton, Denne Keller/Bruce Lord, Richard Marolda/ Dominic Sozio, Ryan Terlecky/ Ross Wiessmann, Drew Wintringham, Bob Zatorski - The Excelsior Collection, Larry Volovski - Volovski Rarities and Sid Morginstin - Button Stamp Co. For further information, please call Carol Anne Visalli, 856-562-1389 or Bruce Lord 610-356-0867.


A mama turkey and her 15 poults (chicks) were spotted in a backyard on Walnut and another mom and her babies on Frankin Avenue yesterday. Wild turkeys have staged a comeback in NJ since they were wiped out in the 1800's. Due to their adaptable nature and prolific breeding ability, they have thrived in NJ since the 1980's. They love sizable oak forests - and we have plenty - or patches of forest interspersed with suburbs. Males, or toms, are polygamous and often mate with several hens during the breeding season who can lay up to 17 eggs and may have multiple broods.

A notification flyer was recently mailed to all Merchantville residents to make them aware that regardless of ongoing construction, the Community Center, at 212 Somerset Avenue, will be the polling place for the 2019 Primary Election on Tuesday, June 4th. However, the poll location inside the building has been temporarily moved from the basement level to the 2nd Floor. The handicap entrance remains at the left side door where residents can ring the bell for entrance assistance. Any questions or concerns should be directed to the Camden County Board of Elections 856-401-VOTE ext. 8683.

On the BOE agenda for the May 29th public meeting is the approval of two new hires. Krista Travaglini in the newly created position of Director of Equity, Curriculum and Instruction at a starting salary of $87,500, and Nicole Jones for 6 hours a week of instruction for the Summer Enhancement Program to run Monday, June 24 – Thursday, July 25 from 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm. Ms. Travaglini has 16 years of experience as a reading and literacy specialist, most recently in the South Harrison Township school district. The Board is also expected to approve co-curricular, advisors and coaching positions for the 2019-2020 school year. Adenda.

Maureen Fitzpatrick from Visit South Jersey recently stopped by Eclipse Brewing and was impressed by the size and variety. "It’s a rare day when you walk to the backyard of an attractive business and see beautiful green Centennial hops climbing a trellis. But that’s just what you’d expect after meeting a fun-loving man named Chris Mattern, owner of the “tiny” brewery on our next stop – Eclipse Brewing. He’s a man who enjoys the simple things in life, like horticulture and home brewing. On October 8th, 2016, Chris did something else he’s always wanted to do, an idea sparked by his wife Beth; he opened a craft brewery in Merchantville, New Jersey. And though small, perhaps one of the smallest in the state, the beer at Eclipse Brewing is big on taste." Read her full article.


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