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Hospital garb harbors nasty bacteria, new study says

They might look quite clean, but the white coats, pastel uniforms and colorful surgical scrubs worn by doctors and nurses actually may harbor a host of nasty, potentially dangerous bacteria, a new study finds. More than 60 percent of health workers’ uniforms sampled by researchers tested positive for pathogens, including the germs that can cause pneumonia, bloodstream infections and drug-resistant infections such as MRSA.

Study: Wellness Awards Shrink Health Care Costs
Whether employers are making an effort to save for their own benefit or to get employees on a track to good health, a recent study by the Incentive Research Foundation found that many of them are now offering incentives through workplace wellness programs. The payoff? As much as $1.9 trillion in savings per year, says Rodger Stotz, Chief Research Officer for the IRF. "And this doesn't even consider productivity gains or worker quality of life improvements," he says.
High Salt, Low Exercise Could Mean Trouble For Brain

We've all heard how too much salt is bad for our hearts. But a new study shows it could be bad for our brain functioning, too. The study looked at adults ages 67-84 years over the course of three years. Researchers found that those who consumed the most salt and didn't exercise did worse on tests on cognitive function than those who ate the least salt and exercised the most. The results are published in the journal Neurobiology of Aging. Here's a list of foods high in sodium that you might not expect.

Institute Of Medicine Report Finds No Major Side Effects From Vaccines

vaccineAfter reviewing more than 1,000 studies on the subject, a panel of experts from the Institute of Medicine released a report Thursday stating vaccines cause very few side effects. They also did not find evidence of a link between vaccines and autism or Type 1 diabetes. The review is the most comprehensive on the subject in 17 years. The authors of the report write that it is not intended to answer the question of whether vaccines are safe, but to help quantify the risk of specific adverse events so that "other bodies," such as government agencies and care providers, can better weigh the risks and benefits.

Become An Exhibitor or Vendor at Camden County Women’s Health Conference
womanshealthThere are still a few spots available for vendors at Camden County’s 12th annual Women’s Health Conference on Saturday, September 24th at Eastern regional High School in Voorhees. Vendors and exhibitors form a wide range of interests, including beauty and household products, jewelry, food, are welcome as well as those with health-related information. This year, vendors may sell merchandise to attendees, but only products or services that are on display at their tables. Cost for a for-profit  organization is $100 and for a non-profit it’s $25. For more information, call Joyce Gabriel or Maria Clarke at Camden County Public Affairs, 856-225-5421.
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