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Hatch Watch 2012

eagleeggsA webcam brought global fame to the Decorah eagles last year, and this year's Hatch Watch 2012 will be no different. With three eggs first appearing in the nest in late February, it seems they're once again grabbing our attention th the first egg expected to hatch this weekend. For those who might accidentally miss the first hatch, worry not. Each of the remaining eggs will hatch about a week apart, giving you ample opportunity to grab your laptop and watch nature take its course.


Check out the live feed:

2011 Hatching

New Rules for Guest Workers
The Labor Department on Friday unveiled rules that reshape a program for foreign migrants in work other than agriculture, which officials said would strengthen protections for those workers and also spur recruitment of Americans for such jobs. It was the latest move in a protracted battle between employers and the Obama administration over the nation’s temporary guest workers. Under the new rules, the Labor Department will create a nationwide electronic registry where employers must post all jobs they are seeking to fill with H-2B workers.
Military moves women closer to the front line
The military on Thursday formally opened thousands of jobs to women in units that are closer to the front lines than ever before, reflecting what's already been going on as female American soldiers fight and die next to their male comrades. The new rules, affecting thousands of jobs, will break down more of the official barriers that have restricted the military positions women can take. They're being sent to Congress, and if lawmakers take no action after 30 work days the policy will take effect.
Catholics favor healthcare contraception

thepillFifty-eight percent of U.S. Roman Catholics say employers should be required to provide employees with healthcare including contraception. Among other religious Americans, 61 percent of religiously unaffiliated Americans said employers should be required to cover

Uproar as Breast Cancer Group Ends Partnership With Planned Parenthood

komenplanned“Susan Komen would not give in to bullies or to fear,” Judy Blume, the children’s book author, said in a Twitter post. “Too bad the foundation bearing her name did.” Pink ribbons have for decades been a symbol of resolve and compassion in the face of the deadly disease of breast cancer. Now, that nearly ubiquitous icon has many women seeing red.

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