School seeks lawn maintenance bids

The Merchantville School District is seeking proposals for lawn service work at the District’s Field Complex and School Building property including the removal and disposal of grass, weed whacking, applying lawn feeding, cutting and weed removal, mulching around shrubs and snow removal.

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PUBLIC NOTICE: Household Metals Thefts

All residents are urged to secure any items around your household that are made from metals such as copper, brass, aluminum and steel. We have recently experienced a number of thefts in town of items made from various household and industrial metals for selling to scrap yards. If you see any suspicious activity please contact the police immediately at 865-662-0500.

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March 13th Council Meeting

On the agenda at the March 12th Council meeting are approvals to submit a grant application and execute a grant contract with the New Jersey Department of Transportation for the Victoria and Leslie Streets project through their new online grant management system, SAGE and resolutions to introduce the 2012 Budget

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PUBLIC NOTICE: Task Force Meeting

The Task Force meeting scheduled for Thursday, March 8, 2012, has been cancelled. The good news is that the Task Force has been awarded a second grant from the DVRPC to continue our work in the neighborhood! Thank you for your continued interest in our neighborhood. Together we can make it better.

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3/5 Caucus meeting agenda

Borough Council will hold their monthly caucus meeting on Monday, March 5th. Under discussion on the agends will be an update on the sewer relining project including a change orderto the scope of work to be done in completing the slip lining projec tin the amount of $117,960.00. Also on the agenda

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February 13th Council Meeting

On the agenda for the Borough Council meeting on Monday, February 13th are a number of ordinances for introduction including the regulation of precious metals, gold and jewelry sales and donation clothing bins in the Borough. Authorization of several resolutions will be brought to a vote including preparing, advertising and receiving bids for the Chestnut Avenue Bikeway project, authorization for the Senior Center Roof project and authorization for the Senior Center Woman's Bathroom project.
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Enjoy your dinner with a side of history

Diners get a little something extra with their meals at the Collins House in Merchantville. Call it a side order of history. Not to worry. It doesn't cost extra and won't boggle the mind, as it did to most of us in high school. In fact, it enhances the ambience and helps satisfy those with an appetite for things from the past.

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