2013 Professional Services contracts to be awarded

The Borough of Merchantville solicits statements of qualification for applicants for appointment to the following professional positions: Municipal Attorney, Municipal Bond Counsel, Municipal Auditors, Special Counsel, Consulting Engimeers, Insurance Broker, Employee Benefit Broker,

Title Company, Appraiser, Municipal Planner, Historic Preservation Architect and Consulting Environmental Engineer. Responses should address the general criteria and mandatory minimum criteria for the position sought. All responses will be treated as confidential and reviewed only by the Mayor and Borough Council, unless otherwise required by law. Responses must be received in the Office of the Borough Clerk no later than 12:00 PM Thursday, December 13, 2012. All responses shall be opened and announced publicly, immediately thereafter by the Borough Clerk or his representative. Responses will be reviewed by the Mayor and Borough Council. All appointments will be announced at a public meeting. Unless otherwise noted appointments shall be for the calendar year of 2013 and subject to the execution of an appropriate contract.


December 03, 2012 Council Caucus Meeting Agenda

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