Pet, Chicken License Renewal

Pet, Chicken License Renewal

Time to get your pets and backyard chickens registered! Registering your pet with the Borough is a simple way to ensure pets are up to date with rabies vaccines and aid in getting them home should they become lost.  Please return your license renewal or application to Borough Hall, 1 W. Maple Ave,  by Jan. 31 to avoid late fees. Forms are available here for dogs and here for backyard chickens. Licenses must be obtained annually in the month of January. Fees: Spayed/Neutered $18.00. Unspayed/unneutered: $23.00 Late Fees: After January 31, the late fee is $20.00 in addition to the original cost. A non-compliance fee of $50.00 shall be charged for each cat or dog found to be unlicensed. Licensing Age: Cats and Dogs over 7 months

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Last modified on 01/05/2023

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