Building a bug hotel

Some of you might think it’s crazy to start thinking about gardening when winter is just getting started, but the opposite couldn’t be more true! When the wind is howling and snow is piling up outside your window, is there any better way to lift your spirits than to think of the warmer weather that’s just a couple of months away, and the amazing garden you can cultivate once it returns? Although you can’t dive into the soil or start your seeds just yet, you can work on some fun DIY projects so they’ll be ready to go as soon as the snow melts. A bug hotel is part garden art and part winter habitat for beneficial insects - the garden army that helps to keep the bad bugs under control. If you are an organic gardener, then you will want to be sure that there is a place in your garden for beneficial insects to lodge for the winter. Next spring, when they wake up, lay eggs, and sweep your plants clean of aphids and mites, you will be thankful. Here is how to make a beneficial bug house.

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Last modified on 04/11/2019

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