Tomten House in Town

Tomten House in Town

A new neighbor has moved into Merchantville taking full advantage of our beautiful gardens and green team goals. Charlie Coar's tomten has moved from our family farm, Lalosen,  in Sweden to our garden here so he can watch over his American family. Constructed with lots of love, help and patience, the tomten's home is just about  ready for him. Hundreds of years old, our family tomten has roamed the birch tree filled forests of Sweden for generations. Watching over the children and the farm animals, the Tomten steals around on silent feet only to be seen by the youngest of children or purest of heart. On Christmas Eve he talks to the animals and dances around the Jul tree. We are so excited about his decision to come here and live with us. He will spend his days watching over Charlie, all the neighborhood children, pets, and chickens. 

Charlie would like to thank his brother Patrick Coar for his carpentry skills and his siblings Indie, Katie, and Frank for landscaping, planting, and helping him paint. The Merchantville community helped build this house so thank you to Will Deputy for tree removal, Patrick Schetter for preparing the bed, Dorothy Foley and the Garden Club, Green Team, and Incredible Edible for inspiring us to plant the sunflowers which are surrounding the house, the Nickollofs for strawberry plants, the organizers and participants for the plant give away, and Adrian Rowan Photography Studio for the bricks. A very special thank you to Charlie's Facebook community that has supported Charlie's many projects with over 30 thousand people sending him love for this little house. 

We know our tomten will be so happy here in our little town  and we are pretty sure Grace, Oliver, and Addy may, if they are extra lucky, catch our tomten talking to their chickens and Fiona and Ronan may see our tomten wandering in their new gardens talking to the butterflies. Valkomen and thank you all for your "tree" mendous support of Charlie! - by Esther Coar

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Last modified on 05/18/2021

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