Mara Jefferies and Gus Hackett

One night in 2012 at a cheap college bar in Bath, England, Mara’s stepbrother Jack introduced her to his best friend, Gus. They had already sort of met on Facebook, where Mara, a nursing student at Rutgers University, had found him strikingly handsome and tried to get his attention with her witty posts. Fast forward to 2019 as the duo - with their shared sense of humor - chose green as their wedding color. The hue showed up in the dresses worn by the maids of honor, the groom’s and groomsmen’s ties, the floral arrangements, and the signature drink — all a cheeky nod to Gus’ wait for a green card. Until it arrives and he can work, he is teaching guitar as a volunteer at Montessori Seeds of Education in Merchantville.

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Last modified on 03/21/2019

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