Citizens Organize for Legislation

Citizens Organize for Legislation

On Sunday, August 30th, residents from our community met at Wellwood Park before walking around Merchantville to distribute postcards on behalf of Citizen Organization for a Local Legislative Agenda for the Black Community (C.O.L.L.A.B.), a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating tangible cultural change and advancing local legislation that clarifies and amplifies the interests of the Black community. C.O.L.L.A.B. seeks to engage with regional communities, and their leadership, to help them institute concrete, sustainable solutions to the ongoing problems of prejudice and racial discrimination. We strive to harness the energy of recent protests and use that energy to create lasting social, cultural, and legislative change, so our next generation will not be stuck in the same cycle, fighting the same battles to defend the human and civil rights of Black people in America. Their mission - to change the culture and create legislative change to correct systemic racism and inequality. Help out by taking their short survey.

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Last modified on 09/14/2020

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