Zoom Alternatives

Zoom Alternatives
Forbes cybersecurity journalist, Kate O'Flaherty, reviews options for people using remote video conferencing who are concerned about "zoom bombing" security, privacy until Zoom has had time to properly deal with its security and privacy issues. Apple’s FaceTime is a perfect, stable alternative to Zoom, as long as everyone who’s part of the meeting or chat has access to an Apple device. Signal, which is already loved by the security community, is a highly private and secure app but does not support group chats. Skype is a solid alternative, very stable, supports large group chats and you don’t need an account to use it. Microsoft Teams is the video meeting choice for businesses using Office 365 and enforces team-wide and organization-wide two-factor authentication. Jitsi is also a very cool and secure open source app that’s recently launched to the market offering multiple video chatting features, and people joining your chat don’t have to create an account. Houseparty isn’t super secure, but it’s very functional for casual chats and you can lock it down. Kate has also written a guide on how to use Zoom securely as possible. So, read her review and choose wisely.
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