Crime prevention urged by police

There were two more burglary attempts over this last weekend, in all cases they tried to open or unlocked doors and windows. It is extremely important to make sure your doors and windows are secure.  If you are going away for a weekend or vacation, please notify the police department. Call 856-662-0507 and the police will take your emergency contact information; they will also keep an extra check in the area while you are gone.

  Over the past week police patrols have noticed more homes with their exterior lights on at night. This is an excellent theft deterrent as burglars do not want the light. They want the area they are in to be dark. They also do not want to take a lot of time or make any noise. By locking doors and windows you create time and if they try to break in it creates noise, therefore, we hope that more residents will leave their outside lights on.


Please continue to call the police any time you see or hear anything that may be suspicious. This is not only people acting strange, but also unfamiliar vehicles.  If any of your neighbors are not presently on our Neighborhood Watch list and would like to receive this type of information, have them send their e-mail information to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and they will be added.

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Last modified on 09/24/2018

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