Have "You've Been Booed!"

Have "You've Been Booed!"

COMING SOON to a Monsterville front door near you are "We've Been BOOed!" signs that make their magical way from house to house. First one neighbor, then another - then, before you know it, it's your house! Welcome to the wonderful world of Halloween BOO-ing. This secret tradition of friendly community fun surprises neighbors, friends or family with a gift that you make and leave at their door. Halloween BOO-ing begins when one neighbor secretly leaves a small gift basket, a BOO poem, BOO instructions and a BOO sign at a neighbor's doorstep. The lucky BOO-ee is asked to post the sign near the door, alerting others that "We've Been BOO-ed!" In turn, the neighbor is asked to BOO two other households, creating a chain reaction of Halloween fun. Day by day, the BOO signs proliferate. Soon, the entire neighborhood is sporting BOO signs, and everyone is guessing. Anyone who gets Booed and needs copies of the BOO poem, BOO door sign or Booing instructions can pick them up between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. at Monsterville Borough Hall! 

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Last modified on 09/26/2020

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