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Merchantville's #1 place to be online! If you reside in Merchantville (or within a 10 mile radius) & want to join our community, message group creator Brent Czar with your major cross-streets (exact address not necessary) to confirm residency. He may send you a message but it will appear in your "Message Requests" folder you'll have to hunt down. Once you're approved, feel free to jump into the conversation, introduce yourself and why you're excited about our community. July 2017

Welcome! Here we'll go over group dynamics, how it operates, and what we are all about. WHAT THE GROUP IS: We are specifically purposed in letting Merchantville residents (or those relocating here) get to know our town and its events, post questions, seek out referrals, be a resource, and simply unify into a tighter knit community. We are a community forum where we can discuss what's happening in our city, and let others know about wants/needs we may have. WHAT THE GROUP IS NOT: An online garage sale site An avenue to discuss religious beliefs. A complainers paradise, disrespectful/rude behavior, bullying. We will have civil conversations. A free advertising venue for your independent business, whether offering a product, service, or recruiting. We will get to know you and your business best through your contribution and interaction within the group. We will be doing contests and prize giveaways!! If you're a small business and want to have some promotion, message Brent Czar for details on how you can get involved. RULES: To maintain the vision of the group, keep spam away, and provide quality content, admins reserve the right to remove any comment they feel is not in line with the community-driven purpose of the group, as well as discretion to remove any member that disrupts this vision. Respect will be extended in all communication. Please refrain from posting about extremely negative news that we cannot do something about - someone was murdered, etc. Traffic conditions, alerts, possible crime, public awareness ok. Well-intentioned shared third-party articles tend to block the flow of conversation and therefore will *generally* not be approved. If you have an issue, please contact an Admin. One of us will be happy to assist swiftly. **If your post is not approved, more likely than not it simply does not fit the guidelines** REAL ESTATE: Being in the industry, from time-to-time I will post about real estate as it relates to the Merchantville community. if you are a For Sale by Owner or Realtor, message me (Brent Czar) about sharing your listing to the group (MUST be pre-market and exclusive to our group for a specified period of time)

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