Merchantville Matters

When Merchantville Neighbors announced they were closing, I decided to start a new group. But looks like Neighbors isn't going anywhere. This can be an alternative group to discuss news and goings-on in and around 08109. The only rules are be nice to each other and don't spam the group! Rants and raves are fine on occasion, but do NOT bring drama here. This is a DRAMA-FREE zone. We'll work on a 3 strikes and you're out policy here until further notice. But seriously, let's focus on the positive aspects of living in this community - let's use our voices to promote the good things happening right here. Let's laugh at the funny things and help others in time of need. Also, promotions are fine within reason. Just don't post the same thing over and over, okay? Lastly, general topics that have nothing to do with Merchantville or aren't local in nature will be deleted. Thanks a bunch!

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Last modified on 09/23/2018

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