SCUCS ends Senior Lunch Program

On May 30, 2012 Mayor North received notice from Stephen Considine, CEO of Senior Citizens United Community Services, that they are closing the Merchantville Nutrition Site at the Community Center effective June 29, 2012. This site has provided meals and socialization

for countless senior citizens from Merchantville and neighboring communities since 1965. The decision to close this center was attributed to a significant reduction in funds and a shift in focus to home delivered meals - a program change that contradicts research indicating that an active social lifestyle is more important than ever in helping seniors maintain a sharp mind, remain connected to the world around them, increase feelings of happiness, and develop a sense of belonging.


While socialization is critical for all people, regardless of age, seniors can be more susceptible to isolation. Many seniors have spent a considerable portion of their lives in the company of others – be it in the workplace or raising children. Upon reaching retirement age, and with children leaving the house, the opportunities for socialization often decrease.



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