Surrounded by cell towers

There are currently 52 Towers (10 Registered,42 Not Registered) found within 4.00 miles of Merchantville Borough Hall, 1 W Maple Ave, Merchantville, NJ 08109. View the list. Four (4) new tower applications can be found within 4 miles of the center of town. One has been filed by Pegasus at Chapel Ave West and is located .35 miles from downtown and the other by the camden county Department of Public Works. That tower is proposed on land 0.63 miles from Borough Hall at 2400 Bethel Avenue, Pennsauken, NJ. Additionally, there are several antennas, the actual signal emitters for cellular, paging and other radio services, located within . Antennas can be placed on towers or be stand alone and placed on top of offices, condos, churches, light poles, signs, etc. Stand alone Antennas are small and difficult to spot as they are easily hidden/camouflaged.

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Last modified on 09/24/2018

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