Underground utility work continues

PSE&G will be working on the 200 block of Lexington Avenue starting on Monday, September 23rd. Work on the 100 block will not start for 3-4 weeks. It will be a manned 24 hour operation and all driveways and roadways will remail open to local traffic. All issues and concerns should be addressed to PSE&G thorough the 24 hour hotline number at (866)-507-5961. You should receive notification back within 48 hours of placing your call. PSE&G will deliver letters for the residents of the 200 block and the Borough sent out a reverse 911 message on 9/20/13. Once we get a confirmed date on the 100 block, PSE&G will again deliver letters and we will do another reverse 911 for this block. Letter from PSE&G.

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Last modified on 09/23/2018

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