County ready to respond to Andrea

The remnants of Tropical Storm Andrea may cause flash flooding in our area from late tonight through 4 a.m. Saturday morning. The storm is expected to merge with a frontal system tonight and bring our region an extended period of moderate to heavy rainfall. The County’s Public Works Department has made preparations in response to the storm warnings.

Our chippers are fueled and hitched to trucks. Chainsaws are fueled and ready. There are loaders stationed in the north, central and south portions of the county. We have two trucks loaded with sand and one with millings.  The County will make sure that storm drains are clear and free of debris and will monitor the situation, including our dams and any rising water levels.

We will email you with any updates as we receive them. If you have any questions or a road problem to report, please call the Public Works Department at: (856) 566-2980 or use our online form.  Please dial 911 in emergencies.

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Last modified on 09/23/2018

Published in Camden County
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