Emergency Ventilation Unit aids First Responders

The Camden County Office of Emergency Management has acquired a new Mobile Ventilation Unit (MVU-1), the only one of its kind on the East Coast. MVU-1 is a large-diameter positive-pressure ventilation fan used for emergency ventilation of large structures

such as box stores, high-rise buildings, tunnels, warehouses or ships. The unit will increase firefighter safety by giving emergency personnel greater control over the environment inside a structure. It allows them to regulate the movement of smoke, heat and harmful gases more efficiently than conventional methods.


The uniqueness of this system is that it is versatile and mobile, allowing it to assist in numerous emergency situations. It can be used on the truck itself, hydraulically raised or lowered to the ground, moved by forklift to a specific location, raised by a crane into place on another vehicle or wherever it is needed to deal with in an emergency situation. MVU-1 was purchased with Homeland Security and Port Security Funds for use across the county and throughout the region. It provides Camden County first responders with a valuable new resource that protects the men and women responding to a call.

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Last modified on 09/24/2018

Published in Camden County
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