Jersey Joe Unveiling

Jersey Joe Unveiling

The Camden County Historical Society is making sure the legacy and history made by boxing trailblazer Arnold Cream, best known as “Jersey Joe Walcott,” will never be forgotten. On Saturday, the group, along with the county’s Board of Commissioners, unveiled an 8-foot tall bronze statue of the Camden County native Saturday. “Today was an honor and a privilege to recognize the accomplishments and legacy of a native son of Camden County,” Cappelli said. “Jersey Joe embraced hard work and set standards that embody the soul and spirit of the residents that reside in our region. He was a real life Rocky and never back down, he didn’t back down against the best fighters in the world to become the champ and didn’t back down against institutional racism to become the first African American Sheriff in Camden County history. Mr. Cream was so much more than a boxer and sheriff, he was a man who loved his family and worked hard creating an everlasting picture of greatness for our community that will now live forever at the waterfront.”

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Last modified on 10/18/2021

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