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This Facebook group was changed in September of 2017 from an open discussion forum to a closed neighbors group intended to build community and positivity. In line with that mission they have posted the following rules. Please limit posts to: *recommendations *opportunities to help neighbors and neighborhood organizations *upcoming events, meetings, classes, & sales *lost and found *things you love about town The following are examples of posts that will be removed: *discussion of religion or politics (It is important to discuss these topics and healthy discussion is part of community building, but that discuss should be held somewhere other than this page.) *complaints (Again, finding neighbors who share your concerns is important, but again, this discussion is no longer welcome in this group. If you have an issue with Boro services, please call Boro Hall or submit the issue using the See Click Fix app. If you have a broader concern and are rallying for change, i.e. Backyard Chickens, it is suggested that you form a separate group to discuss the issue. You are welcome to post a notice about that group to this page. But the discuss over the merits of the change will not be discussed here.) There will be times that posts fall into a grey area. Admins may decide to keep, delete, or turn off commenting for any post. If you have concerns about your freedom of speech, it is common practice on Facebook to have groups that are focused on particular topics and have limitations on content. Examples are abundant - online yard sales and lost & found pet sights are obvious examples. If you own a *LOCAL* business, please limit your posts to highlight special events, sales or opportunities and please post no more than once per month. Other posts will be deleted and eventually blocked from the group. A few more important guidelines: *we appreciate our local businesses and we want to know what's what. Please feel free to share events, sales, etc. However, please limit your posts to 2x per calendar month - unless you are a brick and mortar store within Merchantville. *although this is not a buy & sell page, people in town (or very very close proximity) are welcome to sporadically post items for sale. If you have multiple items, please post them in one post. Facebook does not allow for the sale of animals. Only animals in Merchantville, listed for free or for the cost of medical treatment will be permitted. If these rules are not followed, your comment or post will most likely be deleted. An Admin will message you to remind you of the new rules. Repeatedly ignoring the rules will result in removal from the group - but we love our neighbors and this would really be a last resort. Updated: 9/12/17

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