NJ Population News

NJ Population News

The state's population was estimated to have fallen by nearly 22,000 between April 1, 2020, and July 1, 2021. More than half of the state's municipalities - 307 - are believed to have seen their populations shrink in those 15 months, while about 248 are thought to have grown. Ten were unchanged. Just seven of the 37 municipalities in Camden County grew in the 15 months since the 2020 Census, with two of them standing out. Cherry Hill is estimated to have gained 950, pushing its population beyond 75,000 residents. Merchantville seems to be holding pretty steady. Our 2020 Census was 3,814 and our 2021 estimate is 3,803 or a change of -0.29%. Read more here.

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Last modified on 06/22/2022

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