Boro Covid Cases Rise

Merchantville COVID-19 case total since March 2020 is 178. We have seen a marked increase of confirmed cases during the first two weeks of December, growing from 148 to 178 cases. This past weekend, the Borough added 10 cases: four on Saturday, 12/12 - a male in his 50s, a male in his 40s, a male in his 80s and a male in his 20s; five on Sunday, 12/13 - a male in his 30s, a female in her 30s, a female in her 40s, a female in her 70s and a female in her 20s; and one on Monday, 12/14 - a female in her 60s. Camden County added six new deaths and 1,005 additional cases caused by novel coronavirus (COVID-19) this weekend. Follow county data here. MASK UP - STOP THE SPREAD - FLATTEN THE CURVE

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