US Deaths Top 50,000

On April 24, 2020 the number of American deaths from Covid-19 infections surpassed 50,000 and, as the month of April draws to a close, testing has yet to ramp up to the levels experts say would give an accurate picture of the spread of the coronavirus.  A survey of infectious 21 disease modeling experts and researchers by Thomas McAndrew and Nicholas Reich at the University of Massachusetts Amherst makes for sobering reading. The experts predict the U.S. death rate to increase to approximately 70,000 by May 9, and to reach 150,000 deaths by the end of the year.

Covid-19 Bed Capacity

On April 8th, New Jersey officials announced 3,088 new positive tests, for a total of 47,437. Additionally, 231 out of 375  long-term care facilities have now reported at least one COVID-19 case. Based on information from seven labs sending the state testing data, 94,525 tests have been performed and 41,550 (44%) have come back positive. According to hospital data, there are 7,026 hospital patients that are COVID-positive or under investigation. 1,617 patients are in critical care and 1,576 (97%) of those in critical care are on ventilators. Another 275 deaths brings the statewide total to 1,504 and 48 of these new deaths are associated with long-term care facilities. NJ's hospitals had a pre-mitigation capacity of 18,000 medical/surgical beds and about 2,000 critical care beds.

NJ Deaths Spike

On April 5th, just one month after recording its first infection, New Jersey now has at least 34,124 known cases of the coronavirus, including 846 deaths, as state officials announced 4,331 new cases and 200 new fatalities from a global outbreak that’s expected to keep worsening in the coming days. The state is testing only symptomatic people and reporting an average of only 5,000 tests a day, which officials attribute to a lack of manpower and supplies from the federal government. Governor Murphy has ordered residents to stay at home, called on people to keep practicing social distancing and washing their hands. “This pandemic is writing one of the greatest tragedies in the state’s history," Murphy said. Camden County currently has 481 cases, with 8 deaths.

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