Halloween Handmades

Ryan's Retail, located at 22 North Centre Street, has a new vendor - Jess Chalks - who's a perfect fit for transforming your home into "Monsterville" 2020 haunt. Everything is handmade to perfection and impossible to forget. Her Chalk Transfers™, Chalkology™ Paste and Chalkology™ Ink will quickly turn any surface you want from boring into breathtaking. How about creating practical and budget-friendly, double-sided decorations you can use for Halloween and Fall. Learn "how to" with Jess. Ryan’s Retail hours are Wednesday through Saturday 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

"Tomb Sweet Tomb" Contest

The Haunts of Monsterville returns for 2019 with a "Tomb Sweet Tomb" theme. If you've always wanted to participate or are a veteran decorator this is a great year to sign up! Contestants must submit their haunted entry by high noon on October 25th. There are four categories this year: "Fresh Blood" for novices to this competition; "Eerie Exterior" for the ghostliest outside appearance; "Path to Doom" for frightful walk-through path experiences; and the "Monsterville Merchant" for the spookiest window decore - voted by the zombie residents of Monsterville using Survey Monkey from 10/21-10/31! Prizes include the prestigious Golden Broomstick and gift cards to McFarlans, The Juice Bar and The Station. Winners will be announced at the gazebo, 7:00 p.m. on November 1st during the Friday Night Market. Rules: (1) Home or business must be in Merchantville. (2) No professional decorating companies (3) Decorations limited to the exterior. (4) All Judge’s decisions are final. (5) Have fun!

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