2021 Haunts Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the 2021 Haunts of Monsterville home decorating contest. Competition was fierce this year and winners were announced on Friday, November 5th at 7pm during the final Merchantville Market Off Centre evening. Votes for town favorites were collected through survey monkey and the winners of the Golden Broomstick in four categories were: 124 Maple Terrace for "Fresh Blood " awarded to a soul new to the competition; 27 Linden Avenue for "Eerie Exterior" awarded to a mortal with the most ghostly outside decor; 46 W. Walnut Ave for "Path to Doom" given for the most devilish walk-through experience; and, Adrian Rowan Photography at 1 W Chestnut Avenue as the "Monster Merchant". All of the haunt entries were incredibly creative and truly captured the spirit of Monsterville and made 2021 the biggest and best contest yet!
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