Boo . . . Are You Ready?

Halloween has always been a special holiday in Merchantville. Our beautiful tree lined streets, carpeted with autumn leaves, and victorian homes, in close proximity to one another, allow our walkable community to capitalize on the Halloween theme and welcome gobs of trick or treaters from our borough and surrounding towns. The Monsterville concept was developed in 2016 and is an extension of the borough’s commitment to Halloween which kicked off with an event in 2015 called the Haunts of Merchantville. The efforts of community members and the response of residents motivated us to further embrace this holiday and expand this annual event. Renaming the town "Monsterville" for the month of October helps to promote this celebration and encourage community spirit! 2019 Monsterville kicks off on Friday, October 4th, with a Pumpkin Painting Contest and a visit to the pumpkin patch.


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