February Knights Knews

Catch up on what's happening at MES in the Knights Knews. This month's issue includes an article on unexpected good outcomes during the COVID-19 pandemic, by Dylan Gilliss, Hailee Nevedomsky, Evelyn Kerr, Caroline Hoffmann, Luka Barnhart and Liam Howe; a dreamy tomato soup recipe, by Sean Bristow; pieces on space exploration, by Josh Carey and Zoey Middleton; Gabriel Smith's article on his summer adventure in Maine; learning more about Ms. Bickel, by Lucas Brown; and, artwork by Knights in the Hall. All students are welcome to participate by submitting articles, drawings, pictures or writing pieces.



Read the Knight's Knews

The second and newest edition of Merchantville School's Knight's Knews, a monthly newspaper written, edited and published by MES students, is available to view online at www.merchantvilleschool.org. This is your go to place to see hot topics, articles and ideas from our elementary school. Each issue includes "Hot Topics", interviews, event pictures and articles, artwork, sports news and much more. Check it out!

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