Lady Knights beat the Bears

The Merchantville Knights are well on their way to the championships. Coach Andrew Korn, Jerry Bennett, and Regina Lovelidge led the girls to the amazing win against the Brooklawn Bears. In the first quarter the Knights were up by 6 or 8. As the game progressed, the other team had catches up. It was now a pretty close game and everyone was playing like a team. The Lady Knights soon had the attitude that they were going to win, and they did! The final score of the game was 33-26 Knights. The other team had many great players. They fought hard against the Lady Knights, but the Knights were too powerful. All of the players did an amazing job, but a couple of standouts were eighth graders Sami Askari and Azariah Ivory - who was all over the boards and shooting great shots. Equally phenomenal was Bryce Westervelt who dribbled up the court with so much confidence it made everyone stare in awe. The Lady Knights will be facing the Somerdale Cavilers in the championships this Saturday. They are excited and can’t wait for the next match!

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