Kindness Rocks

It's been a long year and in times like these we can all benefit from an uplifting message! Lucky for us, Merchantville School's National Junior Honor Society wants to better our outlook on life through their "Kindness Rocks Project" - spreading positivity and good cheer across town in the simplest way! This project runs from February 14th - March 14th and everyone is invited and encouraged to participate. 3 easy steps: 1) Collect some rocks from your yard or anywhere outside, 2) decorate them with inspirational or motivational messages using paint, markers, stickers or whatever you think of then, 3) place them around town to brighten peoples' day. Kindness rocks, colored with motivational thoughts and left in random places for others to find, will bring a smile to whoever is lucky enough to come across it. Please share this idea with family and friends.

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