Check, Please!

No doubt you’ve found yourself squabbling with friends over restaurants and your respective reviews of them. Now imagine going to a bar, sitting next to a stranger, and having the same debate. That’s the premise of Check, Please!, WHYY12’s latest 13 episode series, premiering at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, January 9th. The show is a lot about setting expectations for viewers at home — not just taking people at their word, but getting to know, “What would I experience if I went to this restaurant?” It’s also really challenging pairing guests. Park Place Café is one of the restaurants featured in 'Check, Please!' In every episode, the other guests can’t have eaten in each other’s restaurants before — which gets really, really tricky with people who love food, because if you’re a big foodie, you’ve eaten at most places. So we end up having to make sure that we’re getting places that are a bit out in the field or off the beaten path, just so there’s more variation and we have those interesting conversations that get into, even though they’re used to eating in Center City, why it’s worth driving over to Merchantville.

Taquería Moves to Town

If you've grown tired of Mexican-American chain restaurants and crave the flavors and genuine cuisine of a taquería La Guadalupana in Merchantville is the place for you! All the food is prepared from scratch and the aromatic, fresh taste is worth the wait. Customers are fans of their delicious chicken enchiladas with salsa verde and and the chicken burrito - amazing and huge. This family owned and operated authentic Mexican restaurant recently relocated from a tiny corner in Haddon Township to the strip center on Cove Road at 134 East Park Avenue - in the old Rita Marie's storefront. Open Monday-Saturday from 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Phone: 856-662-2184. Cash only. Stop in for a meal and welcome them to the borough.

Charlie's Craving Ideas

Charles Koory, chef/owner of Charlie's Crepes on the Merchantville Circle is looking for suggestions on how to use their beautiful yard and pergola patio to pump up their customer base and fill their parking lot! A recent facebook post by Charlie posed the question - "Should Charlie’s Crepes become Charlie’s Steaks?" There were more than 99 responses and 9 shares on this post and the answer was a resounding "no". Visitors to his post shared many great ideas - from cooking classes, a wall mural and posting weekly menus to marketing to local sports teams, BYOB bachelorettes and pop-up events. Last Friday Charlie was slow cooking tenderloin of pork for his evening special and suggesting FB visitors "take a minute, forget politics, close your virtual mouth, open your real one and put a delicious crepe in it today". Learn more about Charlies Crepes on their website and continue to add your suggestions his post here or email him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Diner Property Sold

Several residents noticed that the Merchantville Diner at 24 South Centre Street has been closed for the past few days and questioned its future on FaceBook. On Saturday evening, the borough's This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Maura Wexler-Weubker, responded to those inquiries posting "the owner of the diner sold the property; after some sprucing up, another restaurant will be taking over. Your palates will be pleased. Stay tuned..." It's exciting and encouraging news that our borough continues to attract businesses to our downtown. Shop, Eat, Enjoy Merchantville!

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