Safe Routes Grant

The Borough is seeking a grant for expansion of the municipality’s Safe Routes to School efforts, an ongoing project that seeks to continuously improve the safety and walkability of our town for the children and the entire community. Several community organizations wrote letters of support including the Green Team and Merchantville School. The New Jersey Safe Routes Program is a statewide initiative with a mission to partner with schools and communities to prioritize and implement opportunities for people to walk, bike, or travel by other wheeled devices. By focusing on improvements to support active travel by youth, we believe we can create conditions that are safe, healthy, equitable, and appealing for all.   


100 Days of School

Congratulations! You and your family have made it more than halfway through the school year and it's time for a celebration. Merchantville a School celebrated the 100th day of school on Thursday, 2/13.  Students dressed as 100 year old people and wore 100 items on their shirts to show they are 100 days smarter. Many schools have started throwing 100 Days of School parties to mark the occasion, especially in kindergarten, when kids are learning how to count to 100. The day celebrates the number 100 with an art or math project showcasing the collection of 100 items. 


CH BOE Forum Tonight


The Cherry Hill Board of Education will hold a moderated forum ahead of its regular meeting Tuesday evening to interview four replacement candidates for a pair of vacancies created by the resignations of board members David Rossi and Edward Wang on June 11th and 25th. The board whittled the candidate pool down to four hopefuls in executive-session interviews: Rosy Arroyo, Emily Capella, Corrien Elmore Stratton, and Ben Ovadia. All four will participate in a public information session at 5 p.m. July 9, during which each will have the opportunity to deliver opening and closing remarks and to answer interview questions from the governing body. The proceedings will be livestreamed by the district.

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