Borough Covid Cases

The Department of Health makes daily announcements about new novel coronavirus cases and deaths in Camden County. Between March 27th - April 24th Merchantville identified sixteen (16) Covid-19 positive cases fortunately, none resulting in death. The breakdown by age of female residents is: 1 in her 30s; 2 in their 40s; 4 in their 50s; and, 2 in their 60s. The breakdown by age of male residents is: 2 in their 40s; 4 in their 50s; and, 1 in his 80s. Given our close proximity to several towns challenged by much higher numbers and greater risk of infection, residents are continuing to do a great job of containing the spread of coronavirus in our community. According to Camden County updates and the State of NJ Covid-19 Dashboard, the city of Camden has identified 622 cases and 39 deaths, Cherry Hill - 385 cases and 10 deaths and, Pennsauken - 246 cases and 2 deaths. Congratulations Merchantville on continuing to do a great job of staying at home to stop the spread and flatten the curve!


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