This is the second issue of Sustainable Merchantville, a publication highlighting efforts by our town – its Council, organizations, and residents – to make Merchantville a sustainable community. Sustainability means meeting the environmental, social, and economic needs of our community today in a way that considers the impact on future generations. Because of all the good work happening in our beautiful little borough, Merchantville continues to be recognized as a certified and bronze-awarded Sustainable Jersey community. (Learn more about Sustainable Jersey at

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When was the last time you passed by a meadow filled with flowers and plants in their natural habitat? You may soon experience such a sight at the Merchantville Community Center. The Green Team is seeking approval from the Borough Council to dedicate a section of lawn at the Community Center as a meadow, returning it to

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At a little more than a mile, many of you have strolled, jogged, or ridden your bikes along this paved trail, which is laid over railroad tracks that was once the Camden & Burlington Railroad. But did you know that the Merchantville Mile is part of a much larger network of trails that, when complete, will encompass some 800 miles across

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Existing urban and community areas are losing tree cover at a rate equivalent to approximately 36 million trees annually across the United States, according to The Chesapeake Bay Foundation. Closer to home, Merchantville continues to lose trees at an alarming rate due to flooding, drought, pests, cut roots, as well as intentional removal.

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Electric vehicles, typically referred to as EVs, are making inroads into the automotive market, making up about 7.6% of current new car sales in the U.S. Merchantville resident Kerry Miller is an EV owner. In this article, she shares her experience as well as those of her neighbors who also drive EVs.

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The Merchantville School’s Garden Club has been making remarkable strides towards fostering environmental stewardship and education within our community. The group, led by fifth grade teacher Jennifer Smith, has engaged in several hands-on and educational activities.

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This year, the Merchantville School’s Green Team is collaborating with the school’s Art Club to create an environmentally conscious art project. The team’s dedicated members have been hard at work collecting thousands of plastic bottle caps brought into each homeroom.

The idea is simple: instead of allowing these bottle caps to contribute to environmental

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