On Friday, May 3rd, Merchantville School had the honor of hosting the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office, who took the time to read to our amazing first and second graders. Not only did they inspire our young minds with stories, but they also brought along their K-9 unit star for an unforgettable visit. The K-9 Unit is available to all law enforcement agencies in Camden County and surrounding counties. The canines are patrol/tracking dogs: three are cross- trained for explosive detection, and two are cross-trained for narcotics.

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Today, Merchantville School sends off their collected books to BookSmiles, knowing that each book will find its way into the hands of eager young readers, sparking imagination and curiosity. We are overwhelmed with gratitude for the Merchantville School Community's generosity. A huge shoutout to our amazing Student Government for spearheading this initiative and organizing the collection of books. Your dedication and leadership are truly inspiring. BookSmiles is a 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation that represents a coalition

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Congratulations to the eight outstanding students who were inducted into the National Junior Honor Society at Merchantville School on Thursday, February 8th. Their hard work, dedication, and commitment to scholarship, leadership, service, character, and citizenship have truly set set apart. We applaud your achievements and celebrate this well-deserved recognition. Their induction into the NJHS not only acknowledges their past accomplishments but

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Today was pawsitively amazing as therapy dogs paid a special visit to Merchantville School. These furry friends brought smiles, wagging tails, and a whole lot of joy to our students and staff. It's incredible to see the positive impact these therapy dogs have on our school community. Therapy dogs are dogs that work with a handler to provide affection and comfort to members of the public. These pups may visit schools, hospitals, or nursing homes,
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PTA "Spirit After Dark" was a great success last night with a huge turnout for all sessions. You know that the PTA runs a great event when a few of the kids asked if we could do it every week! A sincere thank you to Amy Stewart, Anthony and Jenn Perno for chairing the event, creating all the games for each session - including Squid Games, Scooter Races, Tug of War, "Rock, Paper, Scissors", Dodge Ball, "Red Light, Green Light", Race to Find a Shoe and so many more
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Acceptances for Merchantville School District Choice SY 2024-25 have been made. The school district received many applications and only had one slot that we could fill in their approved choice grades from 1st through 8th. The open spot was filled with a student with preferential placement due to a sibling attending Merchantville School. Students without siblings will be placed on a waiting list. If students drop out of the choice program, then we will utilize the waiting list

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What an incredible night for the Merchantville School Girls' Basketball team! Our Knights took the court with unmatched passion, heart, and dedication, delivering a performance that left everyone in awe. Our girls played with a spirit that truly embodied the essence of a knight - fearless, determined, and full of chivalry! Every bounce, pass, and shot showcased the dedication they've put into perfecting their game. From the opening tip-off to the final buzzer,
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