We know that many of you have been working hard on your Merchantville home to bring it back into tip top condition and The Merchantville Historical Society would like to acknowledge your efforts and those of your friends and neighbors if you let us know who you are. We are requesting your input in bringing to our attention anyone you know, (including yourself), who has done work over the last few years, interior or exterior, to beautify their home consistent with the original style and character of the house. We would then like to invite the nominees
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The village prior to 1850 contained only the buildings of the farm and tenant-houses of the Rudderow family. Soon after that time Alexander G. Cattell purchased theplot of ground containing the old house built by John Rudderow in 1804, which he tore down and erected on its site his residence. In 1856 Amos Rudderow, whoowned the farm, sold to Jacob Bunting, ten acres of land on tlie south side of the pike, for the purpose of laying it out into lots. He erected a house, now the property of Mr. Whickall, a spice merchant of Philadelphia. Soon after the Hon. A. G. and E. G. Cattell, John Loutz and David E. Stetson purchase*! twenty acres of land on the uorth side of the pike, where each erected a mansion. Iu 1858 the same persons bought seventy-five acres, the balance of the Amos Rudderow farm. About the same time A. G. and E. G.

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