Grace Celebrates 150th

150th Birthday
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Come celebrate the 150th Anniversary of Grace Episcopal Church, Merchantville! We will have a special 9:00 a.m. worship service followed by a small reception in Morse Hall (our parish hall) at 10:00 a.m. Everyone is welcome and we would love to welcome back all Grace parishioners, community members, and friends. As early as 1871 the question of forming an Episcopalian Church was discussed. The first actual service was held as the residence of Henry A. Macomb December 2d, in 1872, Edward S. Hall reading the services. Similar

meetings at private houses followed, until April 16th, 1873, when, at the residence of George Crump, 201 East Maple Avenue, the parish was incorporated October 5, 1873. A neat wooden chapel was erected in 1878 at the corner of Centre street and Park avenue, the pulpit was occupied by several transient ministers, yet the Rev. Richard George Moses became the first permanent minister and still holds that position.

Grace Episcopal Church is a well-preserved example of Gothic Revival ecclesiastical architecture. Its most significant feature is the square tower with crenelated parapet and conical side tower and features a 47 bell carillon. We look forward to sharing in this time of faith and celebration with everyone! Enjoy this 150th message from Bishop Chip Stokes.