Take Thyme for a Bite

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A very satisfied customer wrote this recent review about Thyme in Merchantville on the South Jersey Food Scene facebook page. "Went to Thyme Kitchen in Merchantville this morning after seeing so many yummy breakfast sandwiches on here. We got: Pork Roll on a croissant, Maple Burbon Pork Belly on an egg everything bagel and Pork Roll on multigrain bread. Honestly, egg everything bagels are my favorite bagel and I liked the croissant better. I have never had a more buttery and flavorful croissant.

Both the pork roll and maple bourbon pork belly were so delicious. My husband said he's never had pork roll sliced so thin before (he's lived his whole life eating pork roll breakfast sandwiches) and he said it really makes a difference. The pork belly was so flavorful and charred to sweet perfection. It was not fatty at all - more like the most delicious pulled pork you've ever had in your life. My daughter loved both the pork roll on the croissant and the pork belly on the bagel.

I do have to say it was harder for her to eat the bagel sandwich because of how tall it was, so would definitely recommend a croissant for littles (much flatter sandwich). The guy said the brioche toast is thick like French toast so that would probably have the same problem as the bagel for a small mouth. Did not take pics of the coffees we got, but we had a Pecan Pie iced coffee and a Blueberry Muffin iced coffee (Hallowed Grounds Coffee) The Pecan Pie was not super sweet, but had a great nutty/caramel flavor. The Blueberry Muffin was very sweet, but super delicious. DEFINITELY going back again!!! So delicious!!!"