Together We Grow

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"Together We Grow" is a 40-minute documentary that tells the inspiring story of a thriving hub helping to build resilience into its local community by growing, sewing, repairing, sharing – you name it, Common Unity is doing it!  With a theme of "Growing out of Our Troubled Civilization" Transition Town Reading shares three films, offering a realistic but practical perspective on where we now are, and where we might go as part of Reading's International Festival.

 "The Sequel" shines a light on the work and legacy of David Fleming, a historian, economist, and ecologist with a deep understanding of how we got into our current predicament, and a compelling vision of how we can recover what we have lost as the market economy has worked its way into every aspect of our lives. "Earth Action Challenge" is a short 4-minute film about a local eco-action event held at Reading's own Lavender Place Community Garden.

Transition Town Reading is a community voluntary organization that aims to create positive change through reducing environmental impact and dependence on oil. They run a range of community projects in Reading and the Greater Reading area that cover the key areas of Food, Energy and Waste. We are a completely voluntary organization and rely on donations and grants to run their projects.

The Green Team and Incredible Edible are working to nurture common unity through sustainability and stewardship in Merchantville!