Plunge Back to Winter

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After weeks of spring-like warmth, much of the eastern half of the country will briefly plunge back into winter next week with below-freezing temperatures possible. March 19th is the official start of astronomical spring in the Northern Hemisphere but it seems Mother Nature has the seasons mixed up, because spring will feel more like winter by early next week. More than half the US will experience temperatures at or below freezing posing a risk for agriculture in the Southeast as growing season is already underway. By Monday,

the bottom drops out, and colder air becomes widespread across much of the eastern half of the country. Philadelphia’s high temperature on Tuesday is expected to be 45 degrees – its normal high for February 19th. The easiest way to protect plants from a hard freeze, is to bring them indoors, but if you can’t, covering them with sheets, towels or blankets draped over stakes or patio furniture can help trap the radiant heat from the ground. Temperatures are expected to rebound quickly across the Southeast in time for Easter Sunday.