Modeling Sustainable Yards

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Merchantville has lots of residents who buy into Incredible Edible's mission and have made a commitment to sustainable living by modeling a variety of ways to participate as responsible land stewards of their yards. Making your lawn a gentler "eco-friendly" environment takes some planning but isn’t difficult to do. And, the outcome will provide a regenerative green space - as seen on the corner of Chapel & Stanley - that reduces your carbon footprint, nurtures food security

and captivates an audience. Whether your home landscape includes vegetable, herb, perennial and native plant gardens or no-mow grasses and wildflower meadows, making these changes support a healthy, abundant planet where suburban yards contribute to restoring the natural ecosystem. IE Merchantville hopes to inspire residents and neighbors to grow vegetables, fruits, and herbs in their yards. It's satisfying, easy, and delicious. Plus, raising some of your own food is an essential part of a sustainable lifestyle.