2023 Rudderow Cup

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The yearly Rudderow Cup varsity soccer game between two high school rivals - Camden Catholic and Pennsauken took place under the lights on Saturday, October 14th. This 35+ year tradition occurs over PHS Alumni Weekend with Girls Varsity playing at 5:00 p.m. and Boys Varsity playing at 7:00 p.m. Traditional pre-game pasta parties for CCHS teams and head shaving - for the boys - took place. Camden Catholic Girls Soccer won 7-1 and

Camden Catholic Boys Soccer got a 2-1 win to retain the cup. In 1992, the Rudderow Cup was established to commemorate Jack Rudderow's contribution to Pennsauken soccer.  In 1993, Jack was inducted into the South Jersey Soccer Hall of Fame in recognition of his service to youth soccer. He was instrumental in building the youth soccer program in Pennsauken, where he was a coach and board member at PYAA and past president of the South Jersey State Youth Soccer Association.