Spring Fling at Park Place

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Join us at Park Place Café & Restaurant on Wednesday, May 10th, for a very special dinner that will celebrate the true idea of Spring. Ideas are all around us, but never so fleeting as they are in this season. Hear "Tales from the Natural World" - the tale of the elusive morel and the tale of the ramp bulb and the triple backwards bird. Welcome the true New Jersey ostrich fern to the family and hear about the long journey to find it and so much more. Live in the moment that is spring and dine on the ideas

that it represents. Spring isn’t just a season at Park Place Cafe, it’s a state of mind. Our friend and naturalist @keara.giannotti will be telling our tales, so call Josh, the master of ceremonies, at 856-662-2200 for details and for a chance to Ring da Gong!