Eggshells In Your Garden

Photo by Peter Werkman on Unsplash

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It’s no secret that eggs, full of protein, vitamins, and minerals are one of the most nutritious foods on the planet. Commercially they're used as fertilizer or as a source of calcium in animal feed, but generally we typically drop them into the kitchen waste bin or down the garbage disposal. To prepare eggshells for use in the garden you have to give your empty eggshell a good wash with cool water. to make sure it’s clean and free of any egg residue then, place in an open

container in your kitchen to dry. You could also move it outside on sunny days to dry quicker or bake them by placing the eggshells on a cookie sheet, and put them in the oven on low, around 250-275 degrees, for about an hour. After they have been in for an hour, let them cool then use them in your compost. The shells will not smell at all. To use as fertilizer you can pulverize the eggshells into smaller pieces with a wooden spoon or mallet or just throw the baked eggshells in a blender at this point and it will grind them into a fine dust super quickly. They are a super nutritional additive to your soil when planting tomato and pepper seedlings.