Food Forests & Seed Libraries

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Break out the popcorn and join us TODAY, Thursday, March 14th from 7:00–9:00 p.m. at Movie Night as Nathan Lou is interviewed about Urban Food Forests & Seed Libraries as Food Sovereignty Strategies. Agro-ecologist Nathan Lou is Co-founder and Executive Director of San Diego-based Mongol Tribe, a 501C3 providing hands-on education and experiences with traditional and regenerative land management practices. He will discuss urban food forests and public policy, seed libraries and how to develop them, community building and

cultivating connection to the land, even in a city environment. This conversation will feed both body and soul with prospects of healthy, wholesome food and deeply nourished communities. Sustainability Now shares information and implement cutting edge solutions to planetary problems related to food, energy, housing, water, waste, economics, health and consciousness. Register for this free event. In case you missed it, here for our January movie on Native Ground Cover for Sun and Shade.