Winter Storm a Possibilty

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A broad zone in the Northeast is bracing for enough snow to shovel and plow just days after temperatures hit the 50s and 60s F. Travel disruptions are expected to increase in coverage and severity from Monday to Tuesday. Just days after near-record warmth in some areas, a storm riding a sudden change in the weather pattern will end up bringing accumulating snow and triggering travel disruptions along a 2,000-mile-long swath from the southern Plains

and parts of the Mississippi and Ohio valleys to the central Appalachians, the upper part of the mid-Atlantic and southern New England. "How quickly the storm strengthens will determine how quickly cold air can be drawn into the storm, which will have significant implications on how much snow can accumulate." There is still a chance the storm could take somewhat of a more southern track. A more southern track by as little as 100 miles could push a heavy accumulation of snow farther to the south into the center city of Philadelphia and the five boroughs that makeup New York City.